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Whether it's your home or your business having extra security can help you gain peace of mind about the safety of your possessions and loved ones.


Beyond Fire and Security Inc. Gives you one security solution to fit all.

The waterproof high resolution cameras mean that CCTV is no longer under the stigma of blurry or pixelated images. Ours systems use up to HD resolution technology which offers a larger and more detailed image of what is happening around your property.

The Hybrid DVR system gives real time, full screen high resolution video recording which can sync up to your mobile devices, allowing you to see through Internet wherever you are.

The great thing about Beyond Fire and Security video system is the ability to view footage anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet or PC. All you have to do is set up your recorder with an internet connection.


24/7 Protection
Our Smart HD CCTV systems have powerful infrared LED night vision up to 20m /100 ft. This means that your property is protected fully around the clock.

We’ll help you determine the best system for your needs from a comprehensive range of options. This could include fixed cameras or fully functional cameras which can tilt, zoom and pan. Plus, we can supply and fit the latest joystick-controlled, high-speed dome models with optical zoom lenses and low-light capabilities.

We offer a wide choice of viewing and recording features including:

  • Continuous recording of multiple images
  • Time and date generation for investigation and legal proceedings
  • Instant printing from screen images. This information can then be passed to the emergency services.

Whether you prefer a digital video recording (DVR) system or would like to be able to remotely access the footage captured by your security cameras, Beyond Fire and Security is the company for you. Do not hesitate to give us a call today for more information and to schedule your free on site consultation today!

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